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We are the premiere board game testing company. We love to take new games and krack them into pieces so that they may be reborn as the beautiful phoenix they were always meant to be. We have teamed up with many local gaming groups to get the best feedback.

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Do you have a game you are working on? Lost about what the next step in development is? Sick of bribing your friends to play your game? Contact us to get it tested. As we are still in development the only thing we charge, is an honorable mention once your game is completed.

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Do you like to game? Are you adventurous? Sick of playing the same old games? Do you give good feedback? Then sign up to be one of our Krackers. As a Kracker you can either be sent a wide variety prototype games to beta test or just come to Game Kracker events all across the country.

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This site is still developing, so not everything is working quite yet. In the mean time, if you need help with anything, contact Jonathan